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What you can do with material that you have online access:
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Back Issues and Single Issues

Theme issues for each journal are available on the the journal’s site. If you are unable to locate the issue that you want, please contact UTPJournals.

Canadian GST and HST

  • There is a 5% GST charge on all subscriptions within Canada.
  • Single issue orders are subject to a 5% tax on the issue.

Foreign Postage

  • In a continued effort to improve services to our clients we provide 3-4 week cost-effective overseas delivery.
  • Some journals charge additional postage to subscribers from outside Canada or North America – a fee that must be included with the subscription payment for journals to be mailed outside of Canada or North America.
  • Postage charges must be applied to single-issue orders. Please contact UTP Journals.

Cancellation and Claims Policy

  • Claims for all journals listed should be directed to UTP Journals.
  • Issues will be mailed free of charge to paid subscribers for issues claimed within six months of the mailing date.
  • If a claim is received between six months and one year of mailing date of the issue, there is a $15 postage & handling charge.
  • After one year, the single-issue price of the journal will apply.
  • Refunds for un-mailed copies are subject to a $25 administration fee taken off the subscription amount paid and will be accepted in the first half of the volume only.
  • Refunds are not accepted for annual or semi-annual journals.

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Except where a discount is noted, no discount is offered.
  • Subscriptions delivered to addresses outside Canada are payable in US funds.