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Monthly Publication Schedules
UTP Site Licence Agreement
Registration Instructions for Institutional Online Access
Accepted Methods of Payment
Back Issues and Single Issues
Canadian GST and HST
Foreign Postage
Cancellation and Claims Policy
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Monthly Publication Schedules
Here you can find which titles were sent out each month, including the mailing date and the date upon which we will begin to accept claims.

Publication Schedule for February 2015
Publication Schedule for January 2015
Publication Schedule for December 2014
Publication Schedule for November 2014
Publication Schedule for October 2014
Publication Schedule for September 2014
Publication Schedule for August 2014
Publication Schedule for July 2014
Publication Schedule for June 2014
Publication Schedule for May 2014
Publication Schedule for April 2014
Publication Schedule for March 2014
Publication Schedule for February 2014
Publication Schedule for January 2014
Publication Schedule for December 2013
Publication Schedule for November 2013
Publication Schedule for October 2013
Publication Schedule for September 2013
Publication Schedule for August 2013
Publication Schedule for July 2013
Publication Schedule for June 2013
Publication Schedule for May 2013
Publication Schedule for April 2013
Publication Schedule for March 2013
Publication Schedule for February 2013
Publication Schedule for January 2013
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When ordering or renewing subscriptions, agents are requested to supply subscription  orders with the following information:

  • Institutional name
  • Complete address
  • Agent order/ reference #
  • Contact name & email address
  • IP addresses
  • Volume / year OR for single issue purchases: volume, issue and year must be provided

If the order is to be delivered to an agency address, please include the end user’s information for our records.

Please note: If renewing a subscription, please include both your agency order number and our subscriber number. (back to top)

UTP Site Licence Agreement
The University of Toronto Press Site Licence Agreement can be found here.

We have a complete archive for the following titles: Canadian Historical Review (from 1896), Cartographica (from 1964), Seminar (from 1965), Canadian Review of American Studies (from 1970), Genocide Studies and Prevention (from 2006), Rotman International Journal of Pension Management (from 2008), and SIMILE: Media Studies in and Information Literacy Education (from 2001 to 2009), University of Toronto Quarterly (from 1931), Toronto Journal of Theology (from 1985), and Modern Drama (from 1958).

Libraries retain perpetual access to the archive of each journal once purchased. If the library maintains a current subscription, there is no further fee. Otherwise, there is an annual fee of $50 to maintain the site. Please see the price list for further detail. Discounts for multiple purchases and consortia are available.

Most journals on the site have at least ten years of previously published volumes available electronically. (back to top)

Registration Instructions for Institutional Online Access
Once we have received and processed your payment for an institutional online subscription, please follow these instructions to register your IP addresses and receive an online ID that will be used to activate your subscription:

1. When requesting a new institutional registration, please send the following information to MetaPress Support.

Institution Name
Institution Address
Postal Code
Phone Number
IP Address or Range
Name of Administrator for this account

2. When you send this information, you will receive an email with a MetaPress ID. Please send the ID to UTP – Journals and we will activate your access.

3. Electronic Access Login:

  • Institutional Login
  • Select your country
  • Select your institution
  • Follow your personalized instructions

Should you have any questions regarding your subscription activation, please contact us:
University of Toronto Press – Journals
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T8 Canada
Tel: (416) 667-7810 Fax: (416) 667-7881 (back to top)

Accepted Methods of Payment
With the exception of online orders, we accept payment in the following forms:

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • Cheque (Canadian funds for subscribers within Canada; US funds for all US and Foreign subscribers)
      Please make cheques payable to:
      University of Toronto Press – Journals Division
      5201 Dufferin Street,
      Toronto, ON M3H 5T8 CANADA
    • Wire Payments – Bank information is available upon request.  All wire payments must reference either the subscriber number or invoice number. Payments must be made in full; please ensure the service charges are not deducted from your payment.  Any inability to remit the full amount will cause a delay in subscription processing. A notice must be sent prior to remitting payment to UTP – Journals.

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Back Issues and Single Issues
Back issues and Single issue prices are available.  Orders can be placed directly by calling UTP Journals or by fax, email, or mailing in your orders with your subscription payments.

University of Toronto Press – Journals Division
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T8 CANADA
Tel: (416) 667-7810 Fax: (416) 667-7881
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Canadian GST and HST
There is a 5% GST charge on all subscriptions within Canada, with the exception of orders for International Journal, where 13% HST is required, and any journals that are tax exempt.

The following journals are tax exempt: Ars Medica, Canadian Journal of Linguistics, Canadian Public Policy, Diaspora, Histoire sociale/Social History, Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, The Tocqueville Review, Yearbook of Comparative Literature.

Single issue orders for taxable journals are subject to a 5% tax on the issue (13% for International Journal). (back to top)

Foreign Postage
In a continued effort to improve services to our clients we provide 3-4 week cost-effective overseas delivery.
Some journals charge additional postage to subscribers from outside Canada – a fee that must be included with the subscription payment for journals to be mailed outside of Canada.
Postage charges must be applied to single-issue orders. Please contact UTP – Journals. (back to top)

Cancellation and Claims Policy

      • Claims for all journals listed should be directed to UTP – Journals. We will no longer be accepting paper claims.
      • Issues will be mailed free of charge to paid subscribers for missing issues within six months of the mailing date.
      • If a claim is received between six months and one year of mailing date of the journal, there is $15 postage & handling charge.
      • After one year, the single-issue price of the journal will apply.
      • Refunds for un-mailed copies are subject to a $25 administration fee and will be accepted in the first half of the volume only.
      • Refunds are not accepted for annual or semi-annual journals.

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Terms and Conditions

        • Prices are subject to change without notice.
        • Except where a discount is noted, no discount is offered.
        • Subscriptions delivered to addresses outside Canada are payable in US funds.

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