Publishing with us


UTP offers a publishing partnership that will allow you to participate in all decisions relating to how the journal is managed, including subscription pricing, pages produced, journal size, colour page sections, online features, and marketing strategy. Each year we will meet, in person or online, to plan for the upcoming year. All aspects of the journal will be discussed, and a budget will be drawn up based on the agreed plan. As the year progresses and issues are published, UTP will send a report detailing the revenues and expenses associated with each issue.

Our mission is to be the leading journal publisher in Canada serving the Canadian and international academic community with leading journals, superior publishing services, and customer-focused employees, and we continually work toward that goal by partnering with the leading journals and approaching publishing challenges with creativity and energy.



With more than 100 years of publishing experience serving the changing needs of journal editors and managers, University of Toronto Press Journals Division provides a variety of services, including: online peer review and editorial support; copy-editing, typesetting and XML; e-publishing and printing; marketing management and advertising sales; circulation and distribution.

The UTP Journals team is dedicated to innovation in publishing and the sustainability of scholarly journals. We believe that sustainability is supported by our partners retaining control of their publication’s intellectual property and financial assets.  We work hand-in-hand with our editors and associations to grow and sustain their publications– it is our common goal.

Our efforts to push the boundaries of academic publishing – and to help publications achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner – have inspired us to innovate in areas such as our online peer-review systems and advance online publishing.


We manage publications from manuscript submissions through to delivery. Services include

  • sales and marketing to increase readership and subscriptions (online and traditional)
  • indexing, abstracting, and licensing expertise to make your journal known to the appropriate readers
  • institutional eligibility(a SSHRC funding requirement) and knowledgeable assistance for submitting SSHRC grant applications and administration of Aid to Scholarly Journals funds
  • bilingual online peer-review system that manages both articles and book reviews to reduce costs and improve service to authors
  • copyediting, proofreading, and editorial support (English and French) to ensure excellence and add value
  • articles published online ahead of print workflow (if desired)
  • typesetting and layout (simple or complex, with features such as audio and video) for maximum readability
  • XML tagging (NLM DTD) to increase discoverability and ensure long-term access and archiving
  • online (mobile device, issue-based, individual article, IP range) distribution to subscribers to deliver what readers want in their preferred formats
  • customer-focused subscription management and renewals to maintain your subscriber base
  • quality printing and cost-effective mailing
  • timely reporting and analysis to keep you informed

Through our work with the editorial boards of our current journals, we have maintained many long lasting and successful partnerships and have clients who have made major strides forward toward achieving their goals:

We are all proud of the progress the journal appears to have made and none of it would have been possible without the support of The University of Toronto Press. As I noted in a letter to the editors and board “it has been an absolute pleasure to work with UTP”. I have been involved with many publishers over the all too many years I have been an academic and The University of Toronto Press Journals team have been the best. —Herb Hirsch, co-editor, Genocide Studies & Prevention

We welcome proposals and inquiries from current and new publications interested in publishing with University of Toronto Press and invite you to submit materials that will help us come to an informed decision about publishing your journal.

When submitting your proposal please be sure to include the following:

  • a general description of the journal that includes subject area(s) covered as well as an analysis of its contribution to scholarship in the field and its target audience
  • publishing frequency (e.g. quarterly, annual, etc.)
  • a description of the expected market for the journal including information on related scholarly organizations
  • information on competing journals in the field and an explanation of the uniqueness of your title
  • curricula vitae for the editor(s) and a list of editorial board(s) members
  • report on income from all sources (from host institution, granting agencies, sponsor, print and electronic subscriptions, single issue sales, advertising sales, list rentals, subsidiary rights, sublicensing, etc.)
  • current subscriber information including numbers of individual and institutional, domestic and foreign subscribers as well as current subscription prices and foreign postage surcharges
  • readership/usage statistics for online material
  • details of any standing bookstore accounts, distribution agreements, secondary publishing agreements, cooperative web or sales agreements (e.g., Project Muse, CCC , JSTOR, ProQuest), etc.
  • details of any current production arrangements – copyediting and proofreading, printing, etc.
  • two  sample issues and access to online site
  • plans for upcoming special issues
  • a list of where the journal is indexed and abstracted
  • impact factor if known
  • an inventory report on back stock and an indication of what your current publisher will expect for it (i.e. transfer without charge, sell at unit cost, etc.)
  • details on licensing rights for all previously published content, at both the article and volume levels (who owns? will the rights transfer?)

For new titles, please provide:

  • proposed publication frequency and start date
  • information on the level of sponsor support for the Journal
  • description of the focus of the journal and an overview of standard content and sections (e.g., articles, book reviews, review essays, commentaries, multi-media)
  • curricula vitae for the editor(s) and a list of editorial board members and affiliations
  • information on competing journals in the field and an explanation of the uniqueness of your title
  • content (or examples of content) of the first two volumes

Contact us today and let us show you how our team can help you grow your publication to reach your goals.

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