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ARK – Author Resource Kit
ARK is a compilation of advice, guidelines and valuable information for authors as they are choosing where and how to submit their work for publication. ARK contains information on the publication process, how/where/what to submit for publication, promotion, how to contact UTP Journals and much more. This resource kit also includes links to free publishing advice from the pages of the Journal of Scholarly Publishing. » ARK is available free online.


Communicating with UTP
When publishing an article in one of UTP’s journals, you may receive any or all of the following types of email communications from our staff:

  • Orientation message and author agreement from Editorial Coordinator (may include a request for abstract, keywords, and/or author bio)
  • Copy-edited manuscript (MS Word file) and queries from Copy Editor or Editorial Coordinator
  • Typeset page proofs from Production Editor
  • Contributor message from Circulation department (may include a brief Author Survey and information on how to get free contributor access to online content)

Who should I talk to about…
For questions about the content, mandate, or submission requirements of a specific journal, please refer to the journals list to find that journal’s home page. Click the “For Authors” tab for submission guidelines and information, “Description” for general information on the journal, “Editorial Board” to find contact information for journal personnel, and “Abstracting & Indexing” to learn where the journal is indexed.

Not just text: Many UTP journals offer the option of including full-colour images, audio and video, and supplementary data files in the online version of your article. Talk to the journal editor or editorial assistant, your copy editor, or your production editor to find out more.

Help with writing in English: While your journal copy editor will concentrate on fixing spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, formatting documentation, and imposing house style, many journal articles can also benefit from an edit focused on the bigger picture of language use and style. You can find an editor to suit the needs of your submission via the online directories of the Editors’ Association of Canada or the Editorial Freelancers Association; alternatively, an author-focused editorial service such as Editage or Cambridge Proofreading LTD* can connect you with an editor with appropriate expertise.

Where can I find my article online?
If your journal appears on UTP Journals Online, you should receive a message explaining how to get access to your article (and other journal content) soon after the issue is published. Check the home page for your journal to see where else the journal is hosted. If your library doesn’t subscribe, consider sending a note to your librarian!

How can I get the word out about my article?
Click here for suggestions on how to bring your work to the attention of interested readers.

The advantages of social media: Click here to find out why highly tweeted articles are more likely to be highly cited.

Have something more to say? Join us on Facebook – or why not write a guest post for the UTP Journals blog? Contact us at or talk to your journal editor to find out how!

[*The University of Toronto Press does not guarantee that authors who use services such as these will have their articles accepted by the journal. It is at the author’s discretion to use external editorial services.]

What about reprints of my article?
Each journal sets its own policy with respect to reprints, so check with the Production Editor when you return your page proofs. Many of our journals now provide free online access to contributors in place of free reprints, but you can order reprints of your article at any time.

To order reprints, click here to download the reprint order form. Please return order form with payment and completed address label to:
UTP Journals
5201 Dufferin Street
North York, ON M3H 5T8
Journals Fax: (416) 667-7881

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