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COVERThe Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) is the peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). As an internationally distributed journal, JVME provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, research, and discoveries about veterinary medical education. This exchange benefits veterinary faculty, students, and the veterinary profession as a whole by preparing veterinarians to better perform their professional activities and to meet the needs of society.


The journal’s areas of focus include: best practices and educational methods in veterinary education; recruitment, training, and mentoring of students at all levels of education, including undergraduate, graduate, veterinary technology, and continuing education; clinical instruction and assessment; institutional policy; and other challenges and issues faced by veterinary educators domestically and internationally. Veterinary faculty of all countries are encouraged to participate as contributors, reviewers, and institutional representatives.


JVME is available to faculty of AAVMC member institutions as a benefit of membership and is also available via individual subscription.


Readership Survey for the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME)

The Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) and our Editorial Board are initiating a survey with a special focus on our colleagues in academic veterinary medicine. Your input, in this survey and as authors, reviewers and readers of the JVME, is what creates a high quality journal that is of value throughout veterinary medical education. Since we share the common goal of continually enhancing your journal, I ask you to participate in this survey, accessible by clicking here.


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